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Trade Show Orders Processing Period

Dear Customers, 

Thanks for ordering with us at Melbourne and Sydney Gift Fairs. 

As our container has been delayed due to custom clearance, Melbourne Gift Fair orders will be delayed for 2 weeks. We will begin processing Sydney Gift Fair orders in approx. 3 weeks. 

Please note some prices for following items were incorrect at the Gift Fairs, correct prices will be adjusted on the final invoice:

SC6132, SC6133, SC6136, SC6138, SC6139, SC6141, SC6142,

SC6147, SC6149, SC6150, SC6152, SC6153, SC6161, SC6167,

SC6169, SC6178, SC6180, SC6185, SC6187, SC6190, SC6200,

SC6201, SC6205, SC6206, SC6208, SC6209, SC6210, SC6212,

SC6213 -- $2.60

SC6157, SC6207 -- $2.95 ↓

B1751, B1752, B1756 -- $4.90 ↓

SP502 -- $18.80 ↑

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.